Define your financial goals Finance 

Define your financial goals

Be precise and realistic Set clear and measurable goals. Instead of saying you want to have enough money to live comfortably in retirement, think about the amount you need. Your specific goal may be to save $ 500,000 before you reach age 65. Six examples of specific goals Repay credit card debt over the next six months. Pay off your mortgage more quickly by paying an additional $ 5,000 each year. How much do you have to save to achieve each of your goals? What are the advantages or disadvantages of putting a goal…

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you need to get started Finance 

What you need to get started

Whether you choose to do business with a financial planner or create your own financial plan Financial Here are three things you’ll need to get started: a copy of all documents pertaining to your financial situation, including budget budget your household, your savings, your debts, your assets (like your house), your taxes and your insurance; a calculator; a spreadsheet to enter the numbers for your current situation. Determine your situation Your assets – They include your important assets, such as a house, car or boat, your savings and investments. You will find this information in your bank statements and investment…

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