Boost your business with feng shui businessBusiness 

Boost your business with feng shui business

Professional success and business continuity are key factors in Chinese culture. It is for this reason that Feng Shui art is enormously developed in Asian countries in order to achieve the best productivity and thus, the best profit.

Feng Shui is an ancient Taoism discipline , which literally means “Wind” and “Water”. Indeed, these are the two main elements of this art: the wind disperses energy and water groups and channels it. To go deeper, Feng Shui is the study of different energy flows , which we will call the “Chi”. The art of Feng Shui will allow individuals to live in complete harmony in their environment.

– The different schools: In Feng Shui art, we can distinguish several schools of thought: The school of forms and the compass school. The school of the form will allow to build houses on a ground taking into account all the forms and contours to identify 4 mystical animals (phoenix, turtle, tiger and dragon), in order to be able to draw a map of the circulation of the energies of the land in question. The Compass School, on the other hand, concerns calculation formulas, making it possible to detect all the beneficial or harmful positions for each individual according to his date of birth and sex. It is according to these directions that one can optimize to the maximum the arrangement of a house or a company.

– Yin / Yang: All the energies and elements of the earth, its, of nature either Yin or Yang. The yin and yang elements all have their attributes which are paradoxically very different but also dependent. The surplus of one will cause the disappearance of the other. In Feng Shui art, we constantly refer to a certain balance. This means that there are yin elements and yang elements in an optimal amount. When the yin and yang are balanced, our habitat will eventually be significantly improved. The yin represents more particularly the feminine and the darkness while the yang represents the masculine and the light.

– The five elements: In Feng Shui art, we distinguish five essential elements to define the interaction of Chi energies. It’s element are represented by the 5 elements of nature, namely, fire, earth, metal, water and wood. It’s elements can have a productive cycle and very positive, but also a destructive cycle. In this case some elements will take over others. Each of these elements has a yin-yang polarity but also, colors, shapes, etc. All of this will help the Feng Shui masters to arrange interiors and exteriors in order to find the right balance.

Who uses Feng Shui masters?

A large number of multinational companies nowadays use Feng Shui techniques , and regularly call upon certain masters of this ancestral art. For example, IKEA, Sephora, The Body Shop, British Airways and the Accord Group use many Feng Shui qualities to maximize their profits.and the potential of their business and their people. In addition, it may be interesting to note that the Louvre pyramid, one of the most emblematic buildings in France, was designed according to the rules of Feng Shui. Indeed, during its construction, the architect specifically wanted to use some basic principles of this Chinese art. These large companies are spending significant budgets on Feng Shui layout in order to see their performance improved.

Develop your business with feng shui?

According to the principles of Feng Shui, depending on the date of our birth, we can be part of a group from the east or west. The formula of Ming Gua then determines our favorable directions according to this date and the resulting figure. Thus we can direct our office towards our best directions in order to optimize all our actions. In addition, be aware that business leaders and all employees must have a direct view of the front door of the office and not be back to the door because it would be a situation of discomfort.

Feng shui in the business world

It is in Asia that this art Feng Shui is the most used in the universe of the company. Indeed, any business leader who wishes to develop his business in the best conditions usually calls for a traditional Feng Shui expert . It is recommended to set up a good Feng Shui during the construction of new buildings but also in the purchase of offices or business funds. Feng Shui will therefore have positive effects on the financial side of the company, but also on the whole human side. In fact, this will allow to circulate a positive energy in all buildings, and thus have an impact on the productivity and the success of the company. It is thus thanks to Feng Shui that the relations will be able to become pleasant and bearable if they were not it. In addition, the image of the company will intensify.

In a professional environment, an expert in Feng Shui will leave nothing to chance, it is precisely the small details that count: logo, sign, layout, visual identity, etc. ?? In a local environment in full harmony and soothing customers will really enjoy. This will then have a positive impact on customer loyalty but also on brand awareness as said before.

Feng Shui and business: the layout of the office

Badly designed offices or meeting rooms will provoke a general sense of uneasiness among the whole team, which will be conducive to increasing tensions within the group. The perfect and ideal office is, without a doubt, very difficult to set up but you can try to remove a maximum of troubles in a team.

For this, the offices must be organized in such a way as to circulate only positive energies. You have to find the right balance in every room of the company. For example, if you have “open-space” type offices, this is not necessarily a good thing, because the energy circulates very poorly in general. In addition, putting plants in offices will promote positive energies. Avoid working as much as you can in face-to-face or in front of a wall. If it is possible, it will not have a door behind and avoid a view of angles. It will also think, to put soothing colors on the walls, beige for example.

To summarize, softened forms for furniture, natural materials and plants, with hot colors but not too bright to avoid creating more anxiety and tension, should be favored.

If the office is at your home then it will be clear that it is away from the so-called quiet rooms of the house. The most important thing is to know the difference between private and professional life . The workspace must be delimited and privacy must not interfere with professional activities. A good brightness in the office is essential as well as a good organization.

As far as meeting or conference rooms are concerned, they must be large with an oval or circular table so that as many people as possible can participate. Plants and works of art can stimulate and make pleasant the long sessions of meetings.

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