Life insurance tips: what to deal with falling ratesInsurance 

Life insurance tips: what to deal with falling rates?

Whether for unit-linked media or for those in euros, some life insurance tips will not be too much for the second half of 2016, as it seems more and more complicated to find a performance that stands out.
And this is especially true for life insurance without risk (in euros) more or less indexed to the rates of state loans that have never been so low. We will therefore try to provide advice on life insurance euros but we will also question whether or not to open to media a little riskier for. As far as the units of account are concerned, we will try to identify which multi-asset life insurance companies are doing best and whether it is time to make certain arbitrations.
We remind you that these life insurance tips are valid for the current complicated period and that in 2017 things may be simpler.

Life insurance advice in euros

It has not escaped anyone for 2 to 3 years, the yields of life insurance euros are experiencing a continuous and significant decline. Indeed, even if it is not as catastrophic as the fall of the ELP in the summer of 2016 , it is difficult to find a risk-free investment that earns more than 3%.
In 2013, without the benefit of very advanced life insurance advice, it was still possible to find returns of around 4%. Currently, the best life insurance rates without special constraints are around 3.50% net of management fees. And again, it’s good for the best life insurance because banks and insurers “traditional” are rather around 2.5% net of management fees.

We have separated our euro life insurance tips into several categories. Indeed, to be able to benefit from the best returns and access the supports that offer them, the financial organizations often impose some rules such as having to invest at least X% of the payments on units of account (risky) media or leave the investment sufficient for a long time. .


I do not want to take any risks

For those who do not want to take any risk with their savings, the euro life insurance remains the best financial investment and by far. Very far away because the only support that could be close was the ELP but with its catastrophic fall to 1% (0.84% ​​after social security contributions), the euro life insurance is the best performing risk-free investment vehicle. Even the savings booklets are taking a slap (see our comparative savings booklet ).

Our advice life insurance without risk and without constraint of investment is to turn to life insurance Fortunéo Suravenir Rendement. Indeed, it does not impose any investment constraints, 100% of payments can be made on a secured medium and the money remains available (as for all life insurance, it is
possible to unlock some funds when it is necessary, despite what one can think in general).
It proposed a rate of 2.90% net of management fees in 2015, the best yield without constraint. This is our euro life insurance advice for this year.

It is clear that advertisements or comparatives euros (as ours for that matter) show more powerful euros in 2015 than these 2.90%, which is true. However, all these media impose investment constraints and generally a diversification of investment on riskier media.
That’s why our second life insurance tip for those who do not want to take a risk … it may be to start taking a little bit of it, it’s really the year to start. All the information we can have shows that euro life insurance returns are bound to continue to fall in the coming months.

Possible alternative : Euro life insurance BforBank Long Term Allowance does not require investing in units of account: it is 100% guaranteed life insurance. On the other hand, it imposes to leave its initial investment at least 3 years to benefit from the maximum yield. And this return was 3.51% in 2015, which is an excellent performance!

I’m ready to take a little bit of risk

Insurers and banks have identified the fall in euro life insurance returns over the past 2-3 years, and have begun to pack products to try to offer more tempting returns to their customers. Their life insurance advice is therefore oriented on high-performance euro-based instruments, between 3.5% and 4%, BUT with the obligation to invest in parallel on riskier media.
Remember that with life insurance in euros, the capital (and therefore the payments of the customers) are guaranteed by the insurer who proposes them. In other words, he is the one taking the risk.

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