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Troy Caruso of Radium2 Capital Talks About His Role in the Alternative Finance Industry

Troy Caruso is the CEO of Radium2 Capital, an alternative lender in the financing industry that is dedicated towards providing the funds necessary for businesses in a wide variety of industries to succeed. Troy Caruso provides his team with the guidance necessary to aid startups and other companies in growing and overcoming financial hurdles to their success. His mission with Radium2 Capital is to provide the greatest amount of aid to the most businesses that he possibly can. Troy Caruso recently sat down to talk to us about his role in the alternative finance industry and how he’s leveraged Radium2 Capital to be a provider for clients in need.

Describe a Bit of What Radium2 Capital Does.

I often like to say that we help startups – well – start! We primarily work with up and coming businesses that are struggling to get their feet off the ground. So many brilliant ideas and smart, innovative concepts never see the light of day because the financial aspects of starting a business are so restrictive. There’s a higher barrier to entry than most people ever anticipate. That’s where Radium2 Capital comes in. We help our applicants get access to the capital they need and set up flexible repayment plans. We try to assist clients from start to finish to give them their absolute best shot.

What Drew You to Such a Competitive Industry?

There’s definitely a reason people like to call the finance industry aggressive, and that’s because it truly can be. So many lenders are out there just trying to land the next client. That’s not my philosophy. I was drawn to the alternative lending industry because of a desire to provide service. To help people. To change the narrative about lenders and their practices. It’s always been at the forefront of my mind and when I look at prospective clients, my first thought is “how can I help you?”

What Do You Think the Future Holds for Radium2 Capital?

Sometimes that’s a hard one to say. The financial industry can change so quickly, on a dime sometimes. Stocks fluctuate, values go up and down, it’s subtler than a lot of people think but it always has impacts. Our goal is to adapt to these changes quickly and efficiently so we can continue providing the absolute best possible service to our clients. Naturally, we would love to grow and expand but that’s not our number one. Our number one is continuing to be consistent and reliable.

What Industries Do You Serve?

What industries don’t we serve? We work with people from all different businesses in all sorts of different endeavors. From restaurants to retailers, I don’t think there’s a particular industry that we haven’t worked with at some point. I’m sure I’ve talked about it plenty before!

Any Last Piece of Advice?

Whatever you decide to do in your life, do it with a purpose. Don’t go into any project or business venture with completely selfish intentions because it will drain you and leave you unsatisfied. Make sure you’re doing what you can to provide value to someone else and you’ll ultimately see that value come right back to you. It makes working in any industry more enriching, more satisfying, and yes, even more rewarding.

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